Joseph Laurens Blackerby and children

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photo1Left: Martha Melissa Rosela Ellie Blackerby, second wife of Joseph L. Blackerby, holding baby, Carrie Elta, born 1888; Harp Earvin, born 1882, is standing. Joseph Lawrence is holding Ernest Lawrence, born 1885. He was twenty or more years older than his second wife.

Ernest Lawrence Blackerby was married to Henrietta Clement, daughter of Noah C. Clement and Virginia Lybrand.

Clarinda Trammel Clement and family

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John Hamilton ClementJohn Hamilton Clement (2)L to R
Clarinda (Trammel) Clement–Great Grandmother
J.H. Clement (John Hamilton)–Grandfather
Catherine Wofford Clement–Grandmother
James L. Clement–father of Lester, Bertha, Irma, Nellie, Ella)
Mollie Crowder–Floyd
Lillie L Tay????–no children
Willie C. Sharpe–Bernice &?  (two others died)
Noah–(Ethel Smith, B??, John Hamilton, Sallie Catherine, Alice, Noah Dee)
John–no children
Charlie–no children

Not dated.

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1900s cotton picking clarinda
Not dated.

Aron James Clement “Bubba” “Short” “AJ”

AJ is my grandpa and he was born at Robert Fike’s Place (a sawmill camp).  Even though he was the tallest of his sibling group, he was nicknamed “Short” because he was small enough as a baby that he could fit into his Grandpa’s size 7 shoe box.

AJ babyAron James Clement was actually born Aaron Jake Clement, though.  He had trouble receiving pay while in the army because they kept making the roll entry out to Aron James Clement.  He changed his name to match the army payroll and used that name from then on.  Later in life, he used the initials”AJ.”

Grandpa was called to San Diego for training for WW2.  Most of the men who had been called there ended up having to go to Japan, but Grandpa’s number was one of the few that was not called.  Instead, his journey included a military tour in Europe, as a Military Police.  He started in England (where he was stabbed by a fellow American who was trying to evade service), crossed the Seine river with Patton, and fought at Normandy as a Military Policeman.

Aaron Jake aka Aron James Clement for websiteThis is AJ, with his first wife Sarah Elizabeth Gibbs, and their first three children. Top right: Ray; Bottom left: John; Bottom right: Everett, my Dad.

A. J., Sarah Elizabeth, John, Everett & Ray 001


Two generations: Joseph Martin Clement and sons

hubert and ruth clement
Hubert, with spouse, Ruth Clement.  This was the last photo prior to his passing.

clement boys hubert, herbert, lavon, and jack
Clement boys (brothers): Hubert, Herbert, Lavon and Jack

Hubert's parents
Hubert’s parents; Joseph Martin Clement and Nancy Hattie (Gennett) Clement

herbert clement
A picture of Herbert Clement, after he came back from India, in World War 2.

Submitted by Tammy Clement, child of Hubert Clement

Hubert Clement and family

These photos were submitted by Tommy Clement of his father, Hubert Clement, with other family members.



Herbert Clement, Ruby Lee Blackerby, Hollis Hudson, Clipton Hudson
Lamont School Students 1928

hubert and therman clement
Thurman Blackerby and Hubert Clement in 1929

hubert clement- grapevine arkansas school

Grapevine Arkansas School Kittens 1933-1934
Back: Bill Appling, Morris Taylor, Hubert Clement
Front: Bob Clement, Herbert Clement, Louis Wood
Coach: Roy Taylor

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I have not forgotten about this blog even though it has been quiet the last two months (we moved into our first home, I began my teaching job, as well as other exciting things)!  I have been working on some projects for this website though:

  • Photo repair– I received some bigger projects editing wise from my parents and I am excited to post them here when I am finished.  These are great family treasures.
  • Updating the genealogy portion of the website– I am researching different genealogy programs to help me display the genealogy portion of the website in a more updated way.  This also includes finding errors within the tree from lack of updates.
  • Postcards– I made and ordered over 300 postcards to mail out to addresses I have and to hand out at the next family reunion explaining the mission of the website which includes my family contact info.  This will be nice because you can take postcards, explaining this project to family members, who could not come.  It also helps everyone out because it means I can explain less about the website and we can eat sooner- very important! 😉

This is what the post cards look like below!  I am covering up my contact information below on purpose so it is not displayed on the internet, however, my email is listed on the website here.  I am very proud of how they turned out.

clementfamilyreunion clementfamlyreunion1

Clement family photo circa 1932

family without numbersfamily with numbers
As numbered, by the late Delores Causey Clement.

1 Billy Ray Ross,
2 Walter Ross,
3 Mary Elizabeth Clement Ross,
4 Mavo Clement,
5 Noah,
6 Etta,
7 Manson (Pa),
8 J.C. (Toots),
9 Mathie,
10 Eunice Bradford Clement,
11 Douglas Hankins (VD),
12 Uela,
13 Ora,
14 Oscar (O.A.),
15 Winnie Clement Coleman,
16 Onie Phillips (O.A.’s Wife),
17 A.J.,
18 Veo Manson (Big),
19 Mary Cornillia Smith (Oma),
20 John Franklin Clement (Gram),
21 Elbert Ross,
22 Mildred Clement,
23 Florence Elizabeth Cearley Clement (pregnant with Betty Jane Clement)

Letter to Oscar Clement from Arthur with picture of Josephus Manson Smith

“Oscar, I’m sending you a picture of your Grandfather – (cousin Joe Smith)  He lived with my Grandmother at the time the picture was made.  My mother carded the rolls & spun the thread and wove the cloth & made the suit of clothes he wore to have the picture made.  We loved cousin Joe & I thought you might like the picture.  It was made before the Civil War.  Lots of love.  Cousin Auther(?)”

This is the picture of Josephus Manson Smith that was attached.

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