Aron James Clement “Bubba” “Short” “AJ”

AJ is my grandpa and he was born at Robert Fike’s Place (a sawmill camp).  Even though he was the tallest of his sibling group, he was nicknamed “Short” because he was small enough as a baby that he could fit into his Grandpa’s size 7 shoe box.

AJ babyAron James Clement was actually born Aaron Jake Clement, though.  He had trouble receiving pay while in the army because they kept making the roll entry out to Aron James Clement.  He changed his name to match the army payroll and used that name from then on.  Later in life, he used the initials”AJ.”

Grandpa was called to San Diego for training for WW2.  Most of the men who had been called there ended up having to go to Japan, but Grandpa’s number was one of the few that was not called.  Instead, his journey included a military tour in Europe, as a Military Police.  He started in England (where he was stabbed by a fellow American who was trying to evade service), crossed the Seine river with Patton, and fought at Normandy as a Military Policeman.

Aaron Jake aka Aron James Clement for websiteThis is AJ, with his first wife Sarah Elizabeth Gibbs, and their first three children. Top right: Ray; Bottom left: John; Bottom right: Everett, my Dad.

A. J., Sarah Elizabeth, John, Everett & Ray 001


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