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Other information, regarding the Clement cemetery, funerals, or the reunion will be directed to the Clement Family Cemetery LLC President.

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  1. is the Clement family from Grapevine? hope so,i may can get pictures from a sister,my dad Hubert Clement was into Photography and he had a lot of pictures from the 40’s and 50’s.

  2. Autumn, your website is great. Love it. I sent you an email, but just in case you didn’t receive it I wanted you to attach to your site so Clements everywhere might be able to visit your wonderful family cemetery.

    My site is still a work in progress. Hope to have it completed by June 1st. See you then!

    Little Rock, AR

  3. Please I’m looking for any info on rose clements or beula clements. beula was my grandmother I’m trying. to get any info on my aunt thelma b. 1923 d 1924. i am zelmas daughter. thank you for reading this

  4. My husband Olin D. Clayton is the 8th great grandson of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Moore) Clements. Would love to attend one of your reunions. Let me know if that is possible in the future.
    Barbara Clayton

    1. Hello,

      The reunion is held in the Clement family cemetery in Grapevine the first Sunday of June. Lunch follows the Sunday service. I believe things start at 9 or 9:30. You are welcome to attend, bring some food to share and lawn chairs!


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