Returning soon!

I have not forgotten about this blog even though it has been quiet the last two months (we moved into our first home, I began my teaching job, as well as other exciting things)!  I have been working on some projects for this website though:

  • Photo repair– I received some bigger projects editing wise from my parents and I am excited to post them here when I am finished.  These are great family treasures.
  • Updating the genealogy portion of the website– I am researching different genealogy programs to help me display the genealogy portion of the website in a more updated way.  This also includes finding errors within the tree from lack of updates.
  • Postcards– I made and ordered over 300 postcards to mail out to addresses I have and to hand out at the next family reunion explaining the mission of the website which includes my family contact info.  This will be nice because you can take postcards, explaining this project to family members, who could not come.  It also helps everyone out because it means I can explain less about the website and we can eat sooner- very important! 😉

This is what the post cards look like below!  I am covering up my contact information below on purpose so it is not displayed on the internet, however, my email is listed on the website here.  I am very proud of how they turned out.

clementfamilyreunion clementfamlyreunion1

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