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Clement family photo circa 1932

family without numbersfamily with numbers
As numbered, by the late Delores Causey Clement.

1 Billy Ray Ross,
2 Walter Ross,
3 Mary Elizabeth Clement Ross,
4 Mavo Clement,
5 Noah,
6 Etta,
7 Manson (Pa),
8 J.C. (Toots),
9 Mathie,
10 Eunice Bradford Clement,
11 Douglas Hankins (VD),
12 Uela,
13 Ora,
14 Oscar (O.A.),
15 Winnie Clement Coleman,
16 Onie Phillips (O.A.’s Wife),
17 A.J.,
18 Veo Manson (Big),
19 Mary Cornillia Smith (Oma),
20 John Franklin Clement (Gram),
21 Elbert Ross,
22 Mildred Clement,
23 Florence Elizabeth Cearley Clement (pregnant with Betty Jane Clement)

Letter to Oscar Clement from Arthur with picture of Josephus Manson Smith

“Oscar, I’m sending you a picture of your Grandfather – (cousin Joe Smith)  He lived with my Grandmother at the time the picture was made.  My mother carded the rolls & spun the thread and wove the cloth & made the suit of clothes he wore to have the picture made.  We loved cousin Joe & I thought you might like the picture.  It was made before the Civil War.  Lots of love.  Cousin Auther(?)”

This is the picture of Josephus Manson Smith that was attached.

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